Executive Director: Dr. Gary Poulin
Dr. Poulin holds more than 30 years of experience in information technology, business administration, university education. He has studied and worked in the UK, Spain, USA, Thailand, China. Since 2000, Dr. Poulin has been actively involved in the education industry for 20 years and has a rich multicultural education industry background. He has been serving as an in-house teacher trainer and was professor of business administration at Shanghai China’s Donghua University Business School. Later, he served as a visiting professor at Colby College, providing management courses.  
Program Director : Dr. Nick Ithomitis 
With a career spanning over 45 years, Dr. Ithomitis has committed his entire adult life to education.  He has a proven track record as a highly effective school administrator, university professor, consultant, and international program specialist.  In all his positions, he has brought meaningful and sustained changes that have raised the bar in terms of student performance, character development, and teacher professionalism.       
During his career, he has held key leadership roles in three very highly successful schools.  He has been the Head of School in one of South Carolina’s top ranked K-12 state charter schools, a Principal of one Maine’s highest performing 9-12 public high schools Camden Hills Regional High School, and the Principal/Assistant Head of School in the largest 9-12 independent academy in the US.  
He has also taught graduate level courses at two universities, served on the Board of Directors of the Maine Principals Association, worked as an Advisor to the American Pacific University International School in Vietnam, and provided consulting services to two school districts in New Hampshire.  
Curriculum Counsultant : Professor Priscilla A. Doel
  • Former tenured professer/chair of language department of Colby College
  • Advocate for Spanish speaking migrant and immigrant workers in Maine
  • Spanish and Portuguese languages
  • Literature, history and culture of Spain, Portugal and Latin America
  • History of Portuguese codfishing fleet on Grand Banks of Newfoundland
  • Canadian and Portuguese ties
  • www.MaineSafe.org